Rain boots are my new obsession

Chicago weather is unpredictable.

Just a few days ago we had some light snow, but now it’s back to rain and gloom.

I was thinking it might be time to invest in some rain boots. Why?

Well, they can withstand the soggy weather, and double as winter boots if need be when you add the liner inside.

I was recently at Nordstrom Rack where they had Hunter boots on sale, but alas my size was completely sold out.

I’m still debating the boot, but if I do get a pair, I plan to choose the short version. Because, you know what they say… if you’re short, a tall boot will make you look even shorter LOL.

Do you own a pair of rain boots? 

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  1. Mariam

    @Hala I’m gonna check out your pic hehe. I got the short in navy blue.. still not here yet :((( maybe it will be snowing by then lol.

  2. Halah Saleh

    Rainbows…. Yes! I just bought a pair of tall black ones I will be wearing tomorrow. I’m 5’2 and they look great! I’ll Instagram a pic tomorrow.

  3. Mariam

    @Mahdiya, I’m gonna test a pair out, I bit the bullet and just ordered some I found on sale on Amazon hehe.

  4. Mahdiya

    nope lol,

    suprisingly I dont and never have owned a pair. Maybe I should seeing as it does rain quite a bit here….

  5. Mariam

    Noor, I haven’t had rain boots since I was a kid LOL! If I get some I’ll post some pics inshallah.

  6. Noor

    Yes who doesn’t have one lol
    Actually, we don’t have much rain over here, but i like wearing them, i’m planing to get a new paid soon…

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