Hijabtrendz launched in 2007 as a pioneering lifestyle blog that covered everything from hijab fashion, to beauty, and entertainment.

It was also one of the first websites to produce podcasts and hijab tutorial videos for Muslim women.

Mariam Sobh started Hijabtrendz as a platform for all things for and by the modern Muslim woman. Over time it has turned into the go to source for product reviews and insight into the Muslim consumer market with a focus on Muslim women.

If you are a reporter on deadline, looking to interview Mariam you can reach her: mariam at mariamsobh.com

Topics she can talk about include: The American Muslim consumer market, the global Muslim consumer market, hijab fashion and its rise in the West, hijab fashion blogging and the influence on mainstream trends, Muslim women and hijab, hijab styles, where hijab fashion is heading, and more.

If you are an advertiser looking to collaborate or interested in having us review your product, please reach out to us at sales at hijabtrendz dot com.

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  1. ozge

    supper and beatiful website!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sema sat?lm??

    sizi bir roportaj?n?zda gördüm çok güzelsiniz bende bir anneyim ve sizin gibi olmak isterdim hem çal??kan ve kariyerinde çok ba?ar?l? olman?z beni çok mutlu etti sizde çok ho?uma giden müslüman bir bayan?n dünyada böyle tan?nan ve ba?ar?l? bir bayan olman?z.insanlar?n müslümanlar hakk?nda daha güzel?eyler dü?ünecek olmalar? ve bunu sizin sayenizde olmas? çok güzel.allah size daha güzel ba?ar?lar nasip etsin.allaha emanet olun.bütün müslüman ve hatta bütün iyi insanlara selamlar.

  3. Tülay

    I have read recently your Interview in the Zaman newspaper and I have to admit that I am impressed about your energy and success. It makes me really happy to see this kind of developments.. As you are a big part and motivator of this development I appreciate your works. Mach’Allah my sister.
    Hope to see you in Turkey!

  4. rabia

    hello Mariam..
    I’m Turkish and live in Turkey.I can’t speak Engilish too much.So,I’m sorry.But,I’m learning Enlish.. I saw you at newspaper,Zaman,on today.I read writting about your.And I entered your site.But,I can’t understand it for in English.So,Do you prepare in turkish site,please??Also,I want to meet you very much.I’m 18 years old and I’m student at university.I hope,I’m going to be computer engineering 4 years later.I will wait for You answer me..
    e-mail adress:ra_bi_a_35@hotmail.com

  5. zahide

    very beautiful site

  6. hacer kaptan

    esselamün aleyküm Mariam. my name is hacer. I’m from turkey. I am writing to you from turkey sivas il. When you’ve seen these days in the newspaper. I want to go to the website of my bad English but I still wanted to write something bi. Thank God that members of a great religion and create a nation we efndimizin. If these units are in different countries let us sar?yo kucakl?yo. like a high school counselor compassion and love of islam muhabbet ö?rencilerimede always trying to give direction but even though it’s turkey 99% of Muslims are living in freedom to express ourselves. I work with wigs and prayer in school I want from you. construct. we know we all try our tesettür Hijab methods. e-mail address I gave my opinion I would like to speak of love duaile esselamu alaikum.

  7. akif

    maria my dear, I give to the turkey from the interview akif last week when the newspaper I have read and liked it very much as a Muslim American Muslims have done to help you impress me. not related to the world of women, but this site set up to help the Muslim women did so would like to thank you. As a Muslim Americans have made changes in your social life is also a model citizen samples exhibit a Muslim character that I congratulate you because of your wish you success in your life. If you want to contact me or if you want to ask you something about the Turkic eat at this address can contact me akif_kaval@hotmail.com. Have a healthy and happy days

  8. murtaza

    ? am a türkish.

  9. murtaza

    selamun aleyküm.merhaba mariah ben sadece nas?l müslüman oldu?unuz hakk?nda ne gibi de?i?iklikler oldu?unu sormak için yazd?m.türkiyeden (turkey) yaz?yorum.

  10. semiha nur

    selamun aleykum ? am dont speak english . ? zaman newspaper see.my mother see your . ?am from turkey kayseri ? love your

  11. sheyma

    Salut Mariam,I saw you in newspaper today.(zaman) And I liked it so much really your website & job r awesome.I live in Istanbul and just want to contact with you if you want.Regards.?eyma from Istanbul.

  12. Gülay

    H? I am a turkish.? want to meet you very much.u are very beautiful.? read the news from newspaper(zaman).I wait your answer please

  13. afk

    ÇOK ?IKSINIZ ve GÜZELS?N?Z…Çal??malar?n?zda ba?ar?lar dilerim.

  14. sühedaa...

    hello…I am writing to you from turkey..I read the news from newspapers..I wondered you and I liked you very much…I want to meet you! Waiting for the answer…Waiting for you to Antalya…:) see u..:) bye

  15. ?ühedaa...

    hello…I am writing to you from turkey..I read the news from newspapers..I wondered you and I liked you very much…I want to meet you! Waiting for the answer…Waiting for you to Antalya…:) see u..:) bye

  16. halime


  17. Erin

    I think keeping a good sense of fashion would be much easier if we had more blog posts like this.

  18. R.S.F.G

    Wonderful N Beautiful Muslimah Fashion..
    Good Job..

  19. Zahra

    Just wanted to thank you for creating this quality and much needed website – I hope we can all add value to your efforts.


  20. Aaminah

    Salamz Sista…
    i was just loking thorugh some hijab styles on youtube and i found on one of the videos it said hijabtrends.com and i thought that must be good i came onto it and oh my gosh…
    its Fabulous its wonderful!!!
    wassalaam ..
    may allah give you jannah for guiding people how to wear their hijabs Aameen….

  21. Mas Ayu

    Dear Mariam…
    Assalamua laikum..I came across your site while blog-hopping yesterday..and gosh,I’m SO loving it…
    I’m from Malaysia by the way..and would love to share how we wear our hijab over here.. but I simply love how you guys wear it over there!

    P/S Has anyone ever told you that you look so angelic…? 🙂

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  23. Smarty

    Asalam-o-alaikum mariam….hope u r fi9.May ALLAH bless and guide all of us ameen.actually sister i read that u r wearing hijab from 18 years mashallah.May ALLAH bless u ameen.sister in my family no one does,even i was also a bit mod wearing shirts on fitting but from july 25 i have started loose clothing n hijab MASHALLAH hope ALLAH helps me ameen.sister i have heard from many ladies having Vitamin D prb n loose of hair becoz of wearing hijab n no exposure to sun…..but i love my hairs as i want my hubby to love them too 🙂 but i don’t do anything 4 my health or beauty i want my self as i m not artificiality.but can u tell me to prevent these hair loose n vitamin D prbs? becoz prevention is better than cure. hope i wil get some good answer ameen. give me something simple as i m veryyyyy lazy girl 🙂
    Allah hafiz.Love u May ALLAH bless u sister ameen.Rabb rakha

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  25. Jodi

    Thank you for a great site, tweets, blog and fab contributors Mariam. Hijabtrendz is a good addiction and one where I learn something new every single day! 🙂

  26. iatidal

    Salam! Great looks and great ideas, and great support for hijabis, thanks! I liked especially the real-time demo and the “twist” on the Spanish wrap, so useful. Thank you for all your efforts. Jazak Allah Khair!

  27. Mariam Sobh

    Thanks Ines! 🙂 I will send you my email address.

  28. Ines

    Hi ! I have not forgot to send you some pictures about hijab style in France, so just wait some days because me too i’m waiting picture about my friends … !

    See you soon !

  29. Ines


    No problem ! I send you some photos next week about hijab styles in France, have you got a personal e-mail ?
    My project in few days is to create a web magazine dedicated to fashion islamic (ready-to-wear, haute couture, religious, ect …) I will send you the website.

    See you soon sister !

  30. Mariam Sobh

    Thank you for taking the time to visit Hijabtrendz! 🙂
    I’m glad you like it… I would love to know more about hijab styles in France.. so if you ever feel like it, send us some pictures! 🙂

  31. Ines

    Hi Mariam !

    I am French converted to Islam since few years ago and your website is really cool and interesting !
    Continue as you do because you are natural and very nice!

    Sorry for my English, I am not fluent 🙂

    Bye !

  32. Zena

    Salamo alaykom,

    I’ve got this website from a friend https://hijabtrendz.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/couverture_n1.jpg
    She found it and the person in this picture is me..

    wa salaam

  33. Noha

    Assalamu Allaikum sisters,
    I need to find an agency where i can model,with my hijab of course 🙂 and as i am new here in this country I don’t know where to go.I would appreciate it if anyone can help,thanks in advance.

  34. Mariam Sobh

    Thanks for leaving a comment. I’m happy to hear that you enjoy Hijabtrendz 🙂 When I know that readers enjoy it, it makes my day! 🙂

  35. aminath

    hey mariam…
    thnks to you. im addicted to this site. your site really gave me new ideas…and life is much better with hijabtrendz s’. thank you so much

  36. KakTi

    The muslim fashion that is shown here is very cool…a different way to address the need for muslim women. In my country Malaysia the Musim dresses are more colourful. 🙂

  37. robyn

    salam! i love this website.i have been muslim for a few years but have recently took on hijab.so glad i found you.

  38. Mariam Sobh

    Thank you Salma, You’re so sweet! 🙂

  39. Salma

    Salams Mariam,
    I love your website. My friends told me about it, and now im addicted to it!
    keep up the great work!

  40. Mariam Sobh

    Dara.. I just noticed your comment, sorry for the delay. I will look into the feeds and see what’s going on. Thanks for the info!

  41. Dara

    assalaamu alaikum Mariam,

    Is the podcast feed working for sure? I tried adding it to my radio list and it didn’t work.


  42. Sarah Husain

    Hey Mariam, Love the new look, its awesome! keep it up….

  43. the angry black woma


    hi there, could you email me at your earliest convenience? I have a question to ask you 🙂


  44. Hijabella

    Salamun aleykum sister Mariam,
    I loved your website. Keep on posting your great ideas and work!

  45. Mariam Sobh

    Thank you Mary! And I hope the soup comes out tasty 🙂

  46. Mary

    Salam Alekium Sis!! I love your website and videos! I can’t wait to see more of your work 🙂
    May Allah SWT reward you for your efforts.
    PS Gonna try making the lentil soup this weekend, hehe

  47. Uzma Hatia

    Your website is great! You have really great advice and fashion on this page! Way to make modesty fashionable!!! I think any women can benefit from this website 🙂

  48. Basbousa

    I had to add you to my hjab fashion links! Thanks for commenting on my blog, and keep up the good work 🙂

  49. Mariam Sobh

    Thanks! I’m glad you like it 🙂

  50. Saida Abbed

    I love you website Mariam!!! I am absolutely addicted:). Your presentation and ideas are so great! Thanks so much for your efforts.

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