Perfume is hard to shop for

If there is one thing I'd advise against buying someone as a gift... it's perfume. Unless of course you know exactly the scent someone loves. I'm one of those people who has a particularly sensitive sense of smell. Certain perfumes give me a headache from the moment I smell it…
lipstick hijabi

Bright pops of color to brighten up winter

If there is one thing that can make you feel down in the dumps... it's gray skies every day. One thing I've learned to beat the winter blues is nutrition, exercise... and COLOR! :)

My lips are purple and I’m not cold

I love seeing new trends in makeup, but I'm just not one to sit and take the time to go all out. The endless steps and the copious amounts of foundations and powders and contouring creams make my head spin. Maybe if I'm going to an all girls party I'll…

Beautiful skin just a smoothie away

I do it all the time. Binge on junk food. And I'm sure I'm not alone. My biggest problem is when it's almost that time of the month. I feel extremely sluggish, tired and bloated. So I do what I know I shouldn't, I add to the bloating by eating…

Hijabtrendz secret tip for dry skin

You're in a rush to head out the door. Luckily you remember to wear a matching hijab, and throw on some decent shoes. But, it's winter and the air is dry... and when you look up in the mirror as your driving to work... you see that peeling flaking skin on your face. There is no time to go back up to the house and find some lotion to slather on.