hijab fashion

Dubai Modest Fashion Week Drama

There was a lot of hubbub surrounding¬† Dubai Modest Fashion Week when it was held a few months ago. I can't really comment much about it, because I wasn't there. I heard about it by chance a few days before the event. I thought, maybe I'll do an article and…

Next Top Modest Model Competition

Verona Collection has an online competition underway! The deadline is looming, so enter if you're interested. You can go to this link for details on it. I've written about this hijab fashion brand in the past and you can read my exclusive interview here. Here is a video review ¬†of…

I like my hijab “uncomplicated”

There are endless ways to wear or style your hijab, and there are all sorts of fabrics that people use to achieve that "perfect look". I'm a simple gal and look for things that look good with minimal effort.