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  1. Nisaa

    I like šŸ™‚

    This is really lovely
    Clare, Iā€™m using MAC and it is working for me on both safari and firefox

  2. arum

    i like this game, thank’s

  3. sumaiya javed

    AsAk sister. I need your take on abayas. Not the bling bling types but thw modern ones resembling gowns. What kind of demand do thy have in the market. Any advice would be highly appreciated.

  4. Fatima Sharron Bryant

    I would love to win the bridal hijab from hijabtrendz. I am getting married soon.

  5. M. Rameez Ul Haq

    I really appreciate you for adding such a nice game to your business website šŸ™‚

  6. Issah Rafia

    Seriously, I love this game

  7. Mariam Sobh

    Thank you! šŸ™‚

  8. hijabi girl

    This is awesome, I can do this for hours!

  9. Soukaina

    I Like This Game Is Very Beautiful šŸ˜€ <3

  10. Aiisha

    Great idea! Maybe You enlarge the choice? I’m missing a larger hijab/niqab combi. There is a large hijab (ok, not large, but mid-sized) hijab, and a small hijab/niqab-combi. This I would prefer in the mid-size – or even with a larger niqab. Or much better: Different sizes of hijab and separate niqabs also in different length. Just a proposal to improve…

  11. shakila

    hijab se hi to face ki ronaq he. mashallah:-)

  12. lana

    love it, cannot wait to share with granddaughter. gave me a couple ideas for self too

  13. mina

    im iranan
    im from iran
    ilove hejab and ilove all moslem

  14. Tograk

    Hello! It is my first time to be on this site. I am here not to comment the game but to find an answer to a question i have got recently. I am a Muslim girl but i have never covered my hair in my life. Now it seems like i found out some thing in my heart that i should cover my hair and practice my religion in a way it should be. But the problem is i have a part time job in a sports bar and i work as a sever. W e serve alcoholic drinks for customers. Because of the financial problem i need to keep my job. But can I still serve alcohol to customers with my Hijab on head? Thank you?

  15. Hijab Blog

    I love it… great site..

    HijabBeauty Blog

  16. Alyssa

    Great for the girls at school!

  17. fatimah


  18. Asia

    So so nice hijab girl …….I like this

  19. Asia

    So so Nice hijab girl …..I like this …..^_^

  20. Audrah Musa Zaben

    My daughter loves this…so cool!!!

  21. Binka Burrell

    I love this!! I have been trying to find just this sort of game. I can’t wait to share it with my friends at work. I would like to see more layer options for the hijab and also zoom options for facial shots

  22. ranoosh

    omgg, yes this would be a GREAT phone App. that way they can play dressup on the go! that would be adorable. šŸ™‚

  23. ranoosh

    awesome! -salaam

  24. Mariam Sobh

    Ranoosh I’m glad you like it yay! šŸ™‚ I will take your suggestions into account. Thanks!!

  25. ranoosh

    haha i love this!! I wish it had a normal lip color, brown eye color, and eye brow size options. that would make it perfect!! this is great for young girls. A+!

  26. Mariam Sobh

    Tamerice you can save the photo when you click on the camera so feel free to share šŸ™‚ And spread the word!

  27. Princess Ramla

    this game is royally amazing

  28. Tamerice

    Nice! Is it possible to save and use it on our blogs?

  29. Mariam Sobh

    Ladies, I use a MAC and it’s working fine. But you might need to install flash to see it. It’s free to install.
    If you’re still having problems let me know. I don’t think it will work on iphone/ipad as they are not flash compatible. But fingers crossed we are working on putting out an app šŸ™‚

  30. Sarah

    This is really lovely
    Clare, I’m using MAC and it is working for me on both safari and firefox

  31. Mrs s lameche

    Same here, no luck on the iphone… Shame

  32. clare

    This sounds really fun but I’m guessing it doesn’t work for mac…I tried it with safari and firefox and it doesn’t load…everything else on the page (comments, banners, ads) comes up but the center is just white space šŸ™

  33. Fatin

    I love this game šŸ™‚

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