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Basic how to wear hijab styles tutorial

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  1. umyali

    wow.. i really like your video how to wear hijab. i live in berlin and i really proud now to wear hijab because i can also be stylish like other people who dont wear hijab in berlin. may Allah always bless you

  2. Ghada

    I checked your videos and was very impressed. I’m a Muslim woman who is so much interested in wearing Hijab any second now, unfortunately I have felt the urge long time ago but I was not lucky to take the step. I want your advise on how to take such a serious life changing step. Thanks again and may god bless you.Ghada

  3. amoon

    ilove thats

  4. Annie


    I like to join gym and i dont know how to wrap hijab during gym so that its comfortable and easy for me to run on traidmill and do some strecthing!


  5. Ramshah

    I am from India, the Hijab styles shown on your programme are great, but me being in India find it difficult to get a suitable material for a Hijab. could you please guide me for some basic material/fabric that i should select for a proper Hijab style.
    awaiting your reply.
    Thank you.

  6. Rizniya

    Today only i visited your web site, its wonderful. Like to see more fashionable styles. Are you using only shalls to wear hijab, Also please show with wrapping styles with scarf.

  7. israa

    thanks for these amazing styles…..i go to school and i need nice styles…..i like to wear earring, so could you do some prettier styles

  8. diya

    assalamualaikum..im fr malaysia and i really like your video post…for me, fashion in hijab was so amazing me….it makes me feel comfortable when wearing scarf….and fashion for hijab muslims shows that islam is beautiful for me…try view my collections vivadea.blogspot.com and do leave your comment…really appreciate..tq 🙂

  9. Sam

    Assalamu Alaykum… I did not read the comments but YOU NEVER AD BOILING WATER to Karkadeh (Hibiscus). The way to get its benefits (blood pressure, cholesterol, skin, etc) is to ADD clean (I add reverse osmosis water) cold (not from a fridge) water and let it soak for a few hours. When the color is dark crimson, it’s ready! Do not add sugar or honey! You will enjoy it after a couple of times and then won’t be able to live without it!


  10. quddii

    great job

  11. Jinxed Muslimah

    Salaams! First time i’ve replied and don’t really have much to say but these blogs are great! Yes, i am only 15 and really in need of a sense of direction hijab wise, i mean my aunts and mother are very old fashioned so better not to ask them for fashion advice. I’ve been wearing my hijab for 6 years and i must say this site has helped me be fashionable amongst my friends whilst wearing my hijab. Yes, i do get the odd stares and the remarks like ‘OMG, she like looks great. How can this be? She’s got some cloth on her head!’ Yes we may have lovely silky pashmina’s on our heads but it looks good we feel good and Go Muslim Sisters Everywhere! Salaams 🙂

  12. Lisa Navarro-Mosley

    Asalam Alakium! Mrs. Sobh
    I just wanted to thank you for all of your fantastic and chic hijab tips. Finally I can wear it and feel versatile with a stylish flare! You have conquered all my favorite looks. Now if you could do clothing ideas as far as how to pair items together and where to get the best bargains that would be so helpful for me being I am a newbie. I am a mother of three girls so I have to keep up on what’s in but at the same time I want to look classy and sophisticated. Any recommendations? Also what about swim wear for the beach. I love the beach! I just have no idea how to balance with being modest and yet enjoying the sun without feeling hot. Look forward to any tips. May Allah bless you and your family. Happy Ramadan!

  13. kari

    thank mariam for the style hijab.hijab is important in the islam

  14. KARIMA

    that is very beautyful hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhijab modern

  15. Habiba

    Mrs. Sobh, I really enjoy your videos and blogs. I’m a 12 year old and I always wanted to find a website that would help me with life problems like health and also different ways to wear hijab. I have been an hijabi for more then a year and I really find your styles easy to make and beautiful. Can you please make a list of reliable online hijab stores that sell plenty of varieties for cheap? One or two of your favorite stores would be o.k.
    Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Ramadan!!!
    P.S. I hope you and your family always stay happy and prosper Insha-Allah

  16. sofy

    assalam mariam

    this is the first tym i went to this website. very interresting alhamdullila.

  17. ahlam

    these are very goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  18. unaiza

    and one more thing i am new to hijab and i rilly want to carry this nicely in a fashionable way!so if u kindly show me some more beautiful ways of wearing hijab than i would be very glad. thank you mariam!

  19. unaiza

    Its wonderful to see such beautiful ways of wearing hijabs! m sure everyone would be as delighted as i am after seeing such wonderful ways of covering.it would be great if u upload some more videos with tutor class’s of wearing a hijab!

  20. Aisha Smith

    I am new to hijab and I can not thank you enough for all the wonderful information!!!!….Can I please ask you to possibly do a segment on performing our daily prayers…being a westerner …as your self…I am having a little trouble with the correct pronunciation…Thank you

  21. SamrahMirza

    Excellent job!

  22. rafathnaaz

    hi Mariam

    I like your vedios..u do gud job…I learnt so much from u abt health and hijab…

    Thankyou so much..

  23. HEND


  24. Mohsin Ali

    Alhamdullilah…marvelous work done by u all sisters, and i think that it will be a role model or icon of this trend for other sisters too.

  25. smsma

    I am From egypt But i like this website soo mush and i like this hejabs style thnxx mariam 😀

  26. aysel

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mariammm sister i just started watching the videoss 🙂 mashaAllah 🙂

  27. aysel

    salamaleykum 🙂

    Mariam, sister are you a fashion designer? if so or not, i need some advice from you all sisters inshaAllah :((

  28. Ali

    Mariam Sobh salamalkum!
    It is a nice job that ur doing, thanx for that
    and may Allah protect u always

  29. iram

    helllo w.s u i just stated wearing hajibs and now i feel more gud wearing it bec your moives helped me alot 🙂 … thanxs by iram mirza allah haifz .. i like your site.. x

  30. Mariam

    Salam Mariam,

    Thank you for all the practical fashion advice on wearing the hajab……..the tips and information are very helpful.

    Mariam Ahmad

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  32. Amirah

    Hi Mariam,


    I love your show i found it in wbsite. I wish you can showe us more of the nice fashion of hijab without exceeding our limitation..I wanna see something new,most of the style tht i watch i already made it..
    thanx and May Allah support your TV show.

  33. aye

    i like so much your work!.. very useful!
    i tell you.. your videoscame to Argentina too:D
    yes,i’ve recently became to IslamIm 17 years old, and you know, here in my country is not easy be a teenager and muslim! but your videos teach me how can i look better and fashion, with hijab! of course!!
    so thanks!!!

  34. Maqsoom

    after watching these videos iplan to take scarf………

  35. Rihhana

    That was Great…Thank U so muche…I m Iranian i really like diffrent kind of wraping hijab
    U live in USA?
    God bless U

  36. Mariam Sobh

    You’re right I’ve been so swamped with work and home stuff but I’m trying to get the other new videos up here on this page as well as recording some new stuff. Sorry about that!

  37. aminath

    hi mariyam

    love you shows…would love to see more of ur vedios… i notice that you dont have any seasons updated anymore.will there b any new videos??? willl love to see more

  38. aminath

    salaam mariyam

    just wanted to ask when can we get new vedios….?

    happy new year.
    wish you n u family the best

  39. Mariam Sobh

    Thank you Aliza I’m glad you like the videos 🙂

  40. aliza

    i mean love ur programe!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  41. aliza

    and last words … welldone
    i <3 ur proggrame
    this is all until u reply

  42. aliza

    :0 🙂 😉 😀 <:):P 😐

  43. aliza

    salam sister Mariam Sobh,
    i am here to crongratulate on ur baby and ur website.I think it is an honour to be able to write to u and i hope that u continue to do this programme. i am ten-years-old and i live in England. did u know that ur very pretty muslim! 🙂
    May allah (swa) bless u and ur family for all u do… Ameen
    From ur islamic sister

  44. sumeyye

    When I saw the address in the newspaper and I went first as information on how I can do the headscarf took much liked And now regularly ediyorum.Amerika l? Africa-related matter, and we müslümaniz.Buras? a brother opened the friendship mekan?m?z.Siteyi and offering us this opportunity to also thank the newspaper .. .


  45. lumiere

    you do a good work. May Allah protect you!! i wish that Allah help you in this world and in the other world. LUMIERE means light 🙂

  46. lumiere

    SA,Good morning everybody!!I’m student in secondary in belgium and I’m turkish. I’m very glad for your blog, it’s awesome :)I knew your blog in an article of newspapers by the BENELUX HAFTASI (ZAMAN) I received it this morning, my family is subscribed. when I read your article, I immediately took your Internet site(website).I was so happy that in America there were people as you who tries to present Islam or the hijab well. I know also another English website which writes about the hijab and of Islam. she explains very well for the people who don’t know the religion very well or to reinforce your el-iman.
    this website: http://muslimahblog.wordpress.com/2008/09/25/hijab/
    she said in her blog:I remember a quotation from an anonymous source which reads ”We all know that every precious thing is protected and covered like jewels and diamonds. Similarly, Allah (swt) consider muslim women as precious as diamonds”. it’s very beautiful!! : )
    Please sister Mariam Sobh, pray for me beacause we take exams and I finished wednesday!! : )
    i would like really you present how to put the hijab Turkish.I congratulate you for all what you have make until now because me too I want to do like you.
    if I have the possibility later I would like to visit America or perhaps see you. I laugh : )) 🙂
    ooh I wrote much,I should stop writing!! 😉
    good bye everybody!! good luck!!And good continuation!!
    Excuse me for bad english!!! 🙂 write by lumiere

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  48. nihal

    zaman gazetesinde gördüm ve inceledim siteyi gerçekten çok ho?…
    ellerenize sa?l?k

  49. Esma

    Dear sister Mariam,

    assalamunaleikum, i am from turkey..i read news about u from zaman newpaper.and i am really and really proud of u sister.i am 23 years old.i checked your web site and i am really impressed.mashaAllah..Allah bless u.i am 23 years old. i am graduated from genetics.but i always want to do smt that like u.the things that u have done are so lively.these are really so important for all womens not just for muslim womens who wear scarfs also for all womens. actually u r such a good example for us.
    besides this, i want to learn something from u that. i want to open a place that where muslim womens can do halal things which they were not restricted like swimming,gym,plates course and also there will be patisserie with easy recipes great delicious meals and Quran course.this is my dream but i believe i can do that as soon as we have pple like u as an example in front of us:)..
    anyways thank u for all things that u have done.do not give up never and ever..Allah bless u and ur lovely family.

    with lots of love and respect,


  50. feyza

    sitenizi zaman gazetesinden ö?rendim.ilginc bir site ama örtü ba?lama ?ekliniz hep ayn? daha farkl? tarzlara yer veremezmisiniz.Ve sadece örtü olarak degilde örtüyle beraber kombinasyon kurabielcegimiz k?yafetlerede yer verirseniz. daha güzel olmazm?.

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