behind the screen

How is everyone doing?

I'm not sure where everyone is these days... and what they're up to? Feel free to leave a comment below. Would love to know how you are all doing! As the New Year comes our way in just 2 months...I'm looking to have a consistent posting schedule on here. For…

Crazy Aunties

The kinds of ladies that want to hook you up with someone... cause for some reason marriage is the most important thing on the planet. I know this has probably happened to MANY of you. LOL  
behind the screen

Hope to see you at Hijabfest 2017!

I've been invited to speak and perform some stand up at Hijabfest in New Brunswick New Jersey this upcoming Sunday. I'm looking forward to meeting some faces I've connected with online, and meeting new faces too! Come on out if you get the chance, and make sure to get tickets…