Hijab Styles: End of the Year Sale

Great deals on all kinds of stylish outfits. HijabTrendz has the exclusive listings in one place so you don't have to search for them! This list will continue to be updated throughout the sale period. Just check out the links below: Artizara (30-60% off plus an extra 10% off for…

Happy New Year

I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year and I hope you all have a year full of peace and joy. HijabTrendz will be unveiling something new and exciting to the site in coming days so make sure you check back often!

Modern Muslim Women: Radiant Skin

If you followed my last post and tried salt/sugar as an exfoliant, then you're probably wondering what you can do to maintain that nice smooth skin. Personally, I like to use products that are natural or that have very few ingredients (especially if you can't pronounce them). If you want to keep…

Modern Muslim Women: Exfoliating

Here is a quick tip I thought I'd share with you all. Don't go out and buy expensive exfoliating body scrubs or face wash. You can do it at home cheaper and with ingredients that aren't harmful for your skin. When you wash your face or jump in the shower…

Hijab Styles: Shape Finder

I've just found the coolest application myshape.com that determines what clothes suit you based on  your measurements. It takes a few minutes to do because you have to bust out the tape measure! It's almost like having your own personal shopper. In the beginning the site asks what style you like (loose,…

Modern Muslim Women: MAS-ICNA Trend Spotting

Do you ever wonder what hijabis across the country are wearing? That thought occurs to me from time to time, but whenever I attend Islamic conventions I usually find that there are tons of styles that I couldn’t possibly keep up with. But, this time I paid close attention and…
Cold Weather

Hijab Fashion: Winter Layers

Winter is such a great season for hijabis Hijab Style. These outfits are slightly edited from their original form. I changed the color for one of the undershirts and I added a shirt under one of the dresses. Please click on the links to see their source, I was mainly…