Hijab Style: To Tuck or Not to Tuck

As a rule of thumb, if you want to look polished in certain outfits, tucking your hijab will make you look much better.

If you’re extremely busty however, and you tie your scarf too tight and tuck it in, you’ll look like you have a small head on a large body. The key is balance, and making sure proportions are not skewed. An easy solution is to look in the mirror and really observe how your outfit is flowing.

There are a few things to take into consideration when you’re tucking for which I’ve made a brief Q and A.

Is your scarf really bulky?
The more textured your scarf, the harder it is to tuck it in. But it can be done. Use an extra large safety pin so that once you pull the ends of your scarf back and need to pin them you’ll be able to keep it down and it wont move back up.

Is your scarf thin and compact?
This is the easiest material to work with. Sometimes all you have to do is tuck it under your collar, but if it’s too slick you’ll need to pin it back so it doesn’t bunch up in the front creating the dreaded turkey look.

Does your scarf have lots of embellishments on the end?
If you want to show off the embellishments, you may not want to use this scarf to tuck in. Otherwise you can tuck it in if you’re wearing a button down shirt. Leave a few buttons open at the top and position the decorated part of the scarf so it’s covering the part where you have the buttons open.

Do you feel like you’re too busty and need to cover up?
Some people just don’t like to feel like they’re putting their chest forward so to speak, so if that’s the case, try to wear some layers to minimize the bust. Button down shirts that are left slightly open with a t-shirt underneath can work wonders.