Hijab Kit

Do you know someone who recently decided to wear hijab, but doesn’t have any scarves? Why not give her a hijab kit as a gift?


Here is how to accomplish it:

1. Get a nice gift bag and some tissue paper.

2. Spritz the tissue paper lightly with some perfume or scented mist and set aside.

3. Fold four square scarves and place in bag.

4. Place a beaded sheila in the bag with matching under-scarf.

5. Place one al-amirah hijab in bag.

6. In a small goody bag place hijab pins a brooch or any other nicely decorated pin. Tie the bag closed with ribbon.

7. Scrunch up the tissue paper at one end so it will fit in the bag and poof out over the sides.

**Choose the hijab colors wisely. I recommend white, black, brown and navy because they’re key colors for any wardrobe. Don’t go wild with patterns and textures because the new hijabi may not be into it.**

If you’re on a budget you can put half the amount of scarves in the bag. If you’re on a really tight budget you can put one or two scarves. Remember it’s the thought that counts.

Not only will you help her get off to the right start, you can guide her on the proper way to stylishly wear hijab.

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