Preggy Hijabi

Great styles for pregnant hijabi’s can be hard to spot but here are a few sites that might ease your stress a little when looking for outfits.

Old Navy Always has a range of outfits you can wear, winter is usually the best time to shop because you’ll have more long-sleeve options, so stock up when there’s a sale!

Boob I think these designs are great because they have clothes for nursing mothers as well. (click on store locator to find a place near you).

Ann Taylor LOFT Nice career wear. A bit pricey.

GAP More expensive version of Old Navy.

Motherhood Really cheap which is great. But the downside is that the quality is horrible and may not last you the entire pregnancy.

I can tell you from experience, once your belly begins to expand rapidly, it gets harder to find comfortable cute clothes or put together a decent outfit. HijabTrendz will be posting maternity styles regularly, so if you or someone you know is on the prowl, make sure to check back often.