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Warning: Possible “Lost” spoilers ahead

So six years of “Lost” have finally come to an end.

I wrote about this ending the day before the episode aired, and now I’ve had a week to think about the finale.

I’ll say what I’ve been saying since Sunday: I thought it was a good ending to the SEASON, but I didn’t necessarily like it as an ending for the SERIES.

I think the episode did an excellent job of wrapping up the Sideways world. It was a creative way to do it, and it made a lot of sense. I also loved the last shot. It was very appropriate to end where they started: on a close-up of Jack’s eye, only closing this time instead of opening.

I think there were a lot of good emotions and great acting, as well. Plus, there were tears, fight scenes and goodbyes. All wrapped up nicely in 2 1/2 hours.
What I was disappointed about was the fact that so many things were left unresolved. I realize “Lost” is the type of show where questions won’t necessarily get answers.
But I was hoping for SOME answers. For example, Walt was a pretty big deal in the first few seasons. There was always talk about him being “special.” That story-line was pretty much dropped and never touched upon again. I was hoping when the time travel was integrated into the show, it would help bring Walt back on the show (since it could explain Malcolm David Kelley’s growth spurt), but that never happened.

I think I would have been happier if some of those questions were answered earlier in the series. I think that could have been done by devoting one more episode to The Others. (Or the original Others, since there were so many throughout the years.) I think they’re an interesting bunch. Why were they on the island in the first place? It didn’t seem like they were scared of the Man in Black/Smoke Monster, but they seemed to be following Jacob’s orders. Why was that? What did they get from it? Plus, why were they so intent on staying on the island even though their women couldn’t get pregnant? Why was that so important?

I’d love to see more of why exactly Charles Widmore was kicked off the island, how he was able to have a mistress and daughter off the island and how Ben was able to take over. I’d also love more information on Richard: Why was he teamed up with these Others? He was brought to the island on his own and given a “gift” by Jacob. Why did he need minions? And why wasn’t he their leader?

Plus, I think The Others would have been a good vehicle to explain the mythological questions that were left unanswered. They were the ones who kidnapped Walt, after all, and experimented on him.

I know some of this is just the nature of TV shows. I keep comparing the series to Harry Potter. JK Rowling did some very similar things with her story. She introduced new mysteries just as she wrapped up old ones. She also had her own version of limbo/heaven. She, however, was one person who could control her Harry Potter universe in a book. TV shows are a different beast. The writers and producers have to contend with actors who want to leave and networks who want certain material and a whole host of other issues.
I know people’s opinions on the finale varied. Commenter Kelly said last week that she was disappointed. But Gigi loved it and called the episode a masterpiece.
I’m probably somewhere in between, a little bit closer to loving it than hating it. In the end, the show was fun to watch. I’ll miss it. I’ve been watching since the first episode aired, and it caught my attention right away. It kept me occupied with its mysteries, and no matter the ending, that’s not a bad thing.
It’s been a fun ride, and that’s no easy task with a TV show.

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  1. maryam

    thats exactly what i feel. i really wanted them to solve some mysteries but with time i got used to it. thats what happens in real life too. we don’t get answers to most of the mysteries in life. i am very happy with the ending now. that is going to happen to us too. theres no timeline after death! so i loved the ending 😀

  2. Kelly

    OK after this time to think about it…Yes, as Gigi put it, was fantastic, and I’ve analyzed why I felt disappointed.

    I think you summed it up accurately when you said it’s a great season finale, but not end to the SERIES.

    I guess they’re leaving open avenues for a movie. I can get behind that idea.

    All in all, I’ll miss it. The one night I made sure the kids were in bed early and I totally vegged out.

    I’m glad now that some light fluffy “Drop Dead Diva” is back now though lol.

  3. Gigi

    Great blog on The End. I know there were many things left for us to think about after the LOST finale, but yes it was about the ride, and like you said it was truly great!

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