A pop of red pants for summer fun

We love adding unexpected color, particularly when it’s bold and bright.

Red is one of those colors that can seem intimidating, but sometimes it adds just the right amount of spice to an otherwise ordinary day.

hijab fashion for muslim women

A nice¬†breeze that floats through on a hot and sunny day is welcome anytime you’re trying to get a good shot of the outfit you’re wearing. We don’t mind that it doesn’t create the “perfect” look, but it gives a more natural feel… because well.. we’re not professional models lol.

And just a note, we don’t wear any sort of volumizer under our hijab, that’s not our style.

This is simply a jersey hijab, nothing more…. nothing less.

modest fashion summer 2015

Of course when you spend more than $10 on a pair of sunglasses, they must be utilized in many photos lol.

If you’ve noticed… yes the last few posts we’ve had up here showcase these blue sunglasses.

We’re all about re-using accessories and other things, because it’s not about wearing a different outfit every day. It’s about using what you have in a creative manner and wearing it multiple ways. If anyone notices you’re repeating things, that’s their issue. Because, who really keeps tabs on things like that?

jersey hijab and long pants Outfit details

Scarf: Hijabtrendz jersey
Long sleeve tee: Old Navy
Sleeveless shirt: Kenneth Cole
Pants: Tommy Hilfiger
Wedge/platform sandals: Gap
Handbag: Calvin Klein
Sunglasses: Rayban