I like my hijab “uncomplicated”

There are endless ways to wear or style your hijab, and there are all sorts of fabrics that people use to achieve that “perfect look”.

I’m a simple gal.

While it can be fun to dress up and do something wacky and unconventional, I prefer to wear something that is easy and still leaves me feeling presentable.

When I started wearing the dusty rose colored scarf from Ahfif awhile back, I realized I was getting too obsessed. It was my “go to” hijab at all times. Now, I’m not shy about wearing stuff multiple times in a week, but I did need to add some color variations.

Because I needed hijabs STAT, I went to the website and ordered 3 colors: cream, black and denim. These are the premium cotton wool scarves.

Love love love everything about them!  The customer service was impeccable. I was worried the scarves wouldn’t get to me in the time I needed them for an event, and I was about to cancel my order, but the folks at Ahfif were kind enough to send me the items quick enough for me to have in time!

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have a hijab that is soft, light and breezy. Because it’s a maxi hijab and quite large, I fold it in half and then do my signature wrap. No pins, no drama.

Here is a recent photo of me wearing the cream colored one:


This pic was taken at the ISNA convention this past weekend. I got to meet my new friend Sari, who used to be a journalist, and is now a fashion stylist from Indonesia. We started communicating online, and it was great to meet in person! I still can’t believe she made that long journey to come to the U.S. and checkout the hijab fashion scene here!

And here is a pic of me trying to do a pouty selfie haha. Again in the cream colored Ahfif hijab.


When I get a chance to take pics in the other colors, I’ll be sure to post them so you can see how they look.

If you’re looking for something comfortable that’s wearable year round regardless of weather, I highly recommend these.

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  1. Mariam

    Hawa!! Oh man bummer 🙁 Are you still in the area? Would love to see you sometime!

  2. hawa alyhabib

    I think I saw u with ur two girls while I was praying at mosque foundation in Bridgeview last ramadan. I was in my prayer looked up n saw u then when I finished u had vanished. Hehe

  3. Mariam

    Lina thanks for checking it out! 🙂

  4. Lina Zibdeh

    I just came across your website! very nice MashAllah 🙂

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