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New Year 2017 hijab style

A few more weeks left and we’ll be heading into 2017.

My how time flies!

I probably say that every year right before I put up a post about the New Year haha.

Recently I made some posts on social media about my plan to have some hijabs made for me.

If you recall, I’ve done that in the past with jersey fabric, because it’s so hard to find the kind of material and style I like.

Mariam Sobh hijab style 2016

Well, now I’m getting some more made. I’m going to do a variety of fluffy cotton wrap scarves and perhaps some jersey or something else unique.

If you’re interested, I may have extras I can post for sale 🙂

I’m also thinking to head to the fabric store and dig into my high school days when I handmade my own scarves.

Are you in need of new hijabs?

Also, one thing I was wondering, am I the only one who is having a hard time shelling $40 bucks for a single hijab? I don’t mind under $20 if it’s something amazing. But I prefer to sell my hijabs for about $12-$15.

Just a thought.. looking forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Mariam

    Pamela and Zainab, I also agree. I try to support hijab companies, but I increasingly find myself frustrated. I know what the price points are to ordering wholesale, and I understand making a profit, but sometimes people go way above making a profit and end up making it unaffordable.

  2. Zainab

    *polka dot

  3. Zainab

    So true – I am kind of bothered by seeing hijabs for $20. I think they should be no more than $15, sorry – especially when it’s polyester! I have also noticed a popular brand (to remain nameless) that sells really beautiful scarves but everything is $20. Also, they sell polka for scarves for $20 when I have seen the same ones on other websites for $10 — what’s that about? I don’t think it’s ethical or Islamic. Just my two cents 🙂

  4. pamela goff

    YES definitely! I look but find most hijabs esp if cotton so expensive

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