Framed People Hijabs

I was recently gifted a hijab by the lovely Zain, who launched the designer hijab company “Framed People”.

The one I received was the “Chif Chif Piping” in Ivory.

The fabric is light and airy, and the gold piping along one side added some glamour to the scarf.

The pros:
The size of the hijab is extremely generous.
It’s made of fair trade and ethically sourced fabrics.
Made in the USA.

The cons:
I need to learn how to wrap it the way the designer does, because it was a bit tricky for me as there is a lot of fabric to work with.

Mariam Sobh hijab framed people

I recently wore the hijab for a TV appearance, and I opted to have the piping frame my face.

But, if you aren’t tucking it into a jacket, you could wear the plain part around your face, and have the piping drape around you.

mariam sobh hijab fashion blog framed people

Overall, this is a welcome addition to the hijab fashion world.

The major appeal to me is that the founder, Zain, is conscious about ethical fashion and has a background in fashion design.

I’m looking forward to watching the growth of this company!

You can check out more hijabs from Framed People.. by heading here.