My new favorite hijab

I recently took a much needed vacation to Orlando, Florida.

It has been about 5 years since we last visited, and I almost forgot about the heat and humidity.

But, luckily, I made sure to pack what I consider the best hijabs I’ve had in a long time.

These scarves are lightweight, and seem to have a bit of stretch. I actually like that they shrink a little when I wash them, because it gives them a cool texture. They are the “viscose cotton” style on the website.

And yes I’m wearing a happy birthday pin LOL. When in Disney, you gotta celebrate!


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  1. Mariam

    Noor what are your products? Feel free to send me a message with your website.

  2. Noor

    Viscose clothes are BEST for hot places!
    i would love to take this opportinity to take a look at our products, i’m pretty sure you will LOVE it 🙂

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